Chlorinated solvents have found their use in many technological applications, some of which are shown here:

Methylene Chloride can be used for cleaning printed circuit boards that are used in all kind of electronic devices. It is also widely used in industrial coating removal to ensure proper processing of metal parts.

Perchloroethylene is used in the high precision cleaning of metallic and other aerospace or automotive parts, electronics and many industrial parts, that need to free of all dirt before further processing. Cleaning of photographic films and slides is also est done with perchloroethylene.

Chloroform is used to manufacture high-tech fluoropolymers and fluororubbers for heat resistant insulation for wiring, and heat and corrosion resistant lining of pipes and reactors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as waste disposal and recycling industry.

Carbon tetrachloride has found use in the manufacture of tearproof aramid fibres for bulletproof vests and safety clothing for workers and consumers.

Last but definitely not least, chlorinated solvents are widely used as laboratory solvents for extractions, for quality control analyses in various industries, and in research & development laboratories to develop new substances and materials.