Storage & Handling

ECSA Guidance on Storage and Handling


The ECSA Guidance on Storage and Handling exists since the 1980’s and has been updated several times. This guidance is intended to help distributors and users of chlorinated solvents to handle those products safely and with care, thus protecting human health and environment against possible negative impact.

Since the issue of the 3rd edition of this guidance, in 2000, additional care has been taken to illustrate modern equipment in surface and dry cleaning for a safe & sustainable use of chlorinated solvents. In the 4th edition the storage part of this guidance has been adapted with recommendations to the use of state-of-the-art equipment. In the 5th edition a complete review has been performed and information on recycling & disposal included.

Download the ECSA Guidance on Storage and Handling document (pdf) in English, French, Italian, German or Russian.