ECSA’s 2007 – 2012 sustainability programme embraced the whole chlorinated solvents value chain and is the basis of the Association’s work today. This will be reviewed in 2020 to align with the overall Euro Chlor strategy.

ECSA’s programme was prepared by an independent consultancy with the aim to ensure responsible production, distribution, use and end-of-life management of chlorinated solvents. Several objectives were set under three vision elements:

Sustainability by application and product

Value chain engagement

Stakeholder engagement and communication

Because of the programme, the following tools have been established:

An online Product & Application Toolbox for chlorinated solvents.

The Toolbox contained recommendations for 60 applications and more than 350 individual activities, which were updated over time to reflect the latest information from REACH as well as regulatory developments. This Toolbox is no longer active due to the legal responsibility lying with the producers. Information on Safety Data Sheets is available with producers.

ECSA Guidance on Storage and Handling of Chlorinated Solvents,

including translations into several languages to support distributors and users of chlorinated solvents in their local language (English, French, German, Italian and Russian are now available online).

Engagement to ESAD (European Single Assessment Document)

to assess quality and safety management systems of distributors in a uniform manner with a particular chlorinated solvent assessment programme. All ECSA members have committed to supporting the ESAD/SQAS programme and urge all their distributors to get ESAD assessed.

ECSA will continue its efforts in pro-active communication towards stakeholders, such as this revamped website which delivers comprehensive information about chlorinated solvents, and improved functions for a further dialogue with the downstream users of chlorinated solvents.

See more information in the final full report of the programme.