ECSA’s sustainability approach is in line with the sustainability work carried out by Euro Chlor, representing the European chlor-alkali industry. In November 2021 on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting (AGM), Euro Chlor issued its third 2021-2030 Sustainability Programme which includes ECSA data.

ECSA is in constant dialogue with Euro Chlor and ECSA members present their activities at the Euro Chlor Annual General Meeting (AGM), as well as hold their own Management Committee and General Technical Working Group (GTWG) events at the same time. ECSA activities are also reported in Euro Chlor’s Annual Chlor-Alkali Industry Review.

ECSA had a sustainability programme from 2007-2012 prepared by an independent consultancy that was implemented to lift ECSA to a higher level of engagement. A focus on sustainability has been taken up in the Programme of the individual ECSA members: