New classification to be proposed for methylene chloride

In May 2019, Italy submitted to ECHA its intention to submit a reclassification proposal (‘CLH proposal’) regarding methylene chloride or dichloromethane (DCM), which only became publicly available on 7th August 2019. Italy is proposing a change from the current carcinogen category 2 (H351 Suspected of causing cancer) to the more stringent carcinogen category 1B (H350 Can cause cancer) (see the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome on DCM). The deadline for submission of the CLH proposal is set at 29th May 2020, so there are no details available yet on this proposal.

ECSA members are closely following the the substance evaluation (SEV) under CoRAP 2016 (no final report available yet) and the CLH process to come via the Chlorinated Solvents REACH Consortium, and are confident that the proposal is not justified in view of the available data. For further information, please download the “Health Profiles – Dichloromethane” document on the ECSA website.