Stakeholder engagement and communication

This Vision Element will be critical to ensure that ECSA and its members receive worthwhile and operational feedback and proper recognition from external stakeholders for the sustainability initiative.

Ultimately, this should also lead to a degree of co-determination of the sustainability of the chlorinated solvents industry, as several stakeholder groups will contribute to shaping its future.

1. ECSA will complete a detailed mapping of the activities, drivers and concerns of its priority stakeholders

A Chlorinated Solvent Stakeholder & End-user Perceptions Survey by IAL found that 75% of stakeholders are interested in more information on Chlorinated Solvents. Thus, ECSA has completely renovated the content and structure of the ECSA website in 2010 and 2011.

2. ECSA will translate its Sustainability strategy into a set of key messages, and will develop tools to support their delivery and report progress

Euro Chlor, representing the European Chlor-Alkali industry, issues the Chlorine Industry Review on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting. It gives an overview of the most important dossiers the federation has been working on, and presents the progress achieved in the sectoral sustainability programme.

ECSA extends its reporting on all nine sustainability objectives and includes its progress report 2007-2011 in the widely disseminated  Euro Chlor Annual Review as part of the Chlorine Industry value chain.

3. ECSA will be in active dialogue with its priority stakeholders around its Sustainability Action Plan, and reflect stakeholder concerns in the ongoing implementation of the Action Plan

Last update: 05/2018