Trichloroethylene (TRI)

Substance identity

  • EC / List no.: 201-167-4
  • CAS no.: 79-01-6
  • Mol. formula: C2HCl3

Previously used as a solvent in metal cleaning, today this clear non-flammable heavy liquid trichloroethylene mostly serves to produce other chemicals, for instance fluorinated hydrocarbons for refrigeration or air conditioning systems and as a laboratory solvent.

Trichloroethylene (TRI)


  • Metal and electronic cleaning/de-greasing
    (under authorisation in the EU)
  • Extraction solvent for asphalt testing (under authorisation)
  • Specific solvent applications in EU such as membrane cleaning in battery separators (under authorisation)
  • Production of fluorinated compounds (refrigerants, cooling agents, polymers)

Key properties

  • Not classified as flammable
  • Excellent solvent property in dissolving oil-based materials
  • Easy to recycle and separate from water
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Low Global Warming Potential